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Hear We Go!


If you've seen a big ol' 15 passenger van with a character building long scrape down the driver's side hauling up and down I-35 between Austin and Oklahoma City over the past few weeks multiple times, well, that just might be us.

We've been involved in a research project at Hearts for Hearing with Phonak, one of the world's top hearing aid companies. Maesy has been checking out some new technology, has been sporting the aids, has been going through rounds of sound booth testing, and has been giving her feedback on her experience. It's been a crazy busy and exciting time. This particular technology is designed to enhance Maesy's area of greatest hearing loss, right in the frequencies of speech and higher sound.  It's been quite the journey, from Maesy's initial diagnosis at two-and-a-half years old, through the years of hearing aids and therapy, so now, Maesy as a young woman of seventeen, with new technologies on the horizon.


**in the audio booth with Dr. Mila Duke**

If you were to check out The Google Maps, you'd see that Austin and Oklahoma City aren't exactly next door to one another. So why go all audiologically nomadic and cross the Red River for all things hearing? Well, we've had some experience in the audiological arts over the years with Maesy. And there simply is no better place than Hearts for Hearing. The level of research they are involved in, the hearts of the team, the synergy of audiologists and therapists and doctors, it's a thing of beauty.


**Hearts for Hearing family reunion with Dr. Jace Wolf and Joanna Smith**

(Sidenote: if you were to ask Maesy who the perfect guy is, she might just blush and whisper the name of that guy in the picture above. As the director of audiology for Hearts for Hearing and as an adjunct professor and premiere researcher, Dr. Jace Wolf has been making Maesy blush and has been bringing her candy for a lot of years now. As far as Maesy is concerned, Brad Pitt's got nothin' compared to Dr. Jace...)


**getting new ear molds cast**


We've been circling back up to Oklahoma City every couple of weeks so that settings on the research hearing aids could be changed and for Maesy to give further feedback on her experience. Maesy has handled all the changes well; it's not an easy thing to process the various settings. It requires the brain to readapt in a very short timeframe, sort of like if you were changing the prescription on your eyeglasses every couple of weeks. But Maesy has a very pragmatic streak to her personality. She recognizes the emotional component and mental processing energy that it takes to readapt. She purposes to remain neutral on the settings of the hearing aids until she has given herself 72 hours to get readjusted. I've learned a lot from watching her walk through this process, the wisdom of giving oneself some time to adapt to a new situation before allowing emotions and fatigue to speak up. This girl continues to teach me so much.

You can check out Maesy's first reaction to this new technology in the video below. She is now able to hear sounds that she's never had access to. She is able to experience certain sounds in speech that she's never heard before. And in what is something of a mixed bag of blessing, she's hearing cicadas for the first time!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


How do we reach the next generation? How do we speak faith to those who will carry our legacy? I'm honored to be speaking to leaders across the Austin area on Thursday, September 10, 2015, at noon at Austin Christian Fellowship. Register today to join us as I unpack what keeps us from being effective in speaking into the lives of young women...and what we can do to impart vision and heart. I'd love to see you there!

And you can also check out my blog post on this topic at the Proven Way site~~just click here!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Immerse 2015 is Coming!

How I love this gal. It will be Anita Renfroe's third appearance at Immerse 2015 and I can.not.wait.
But to tide myself over, I'm watching this video. Over and over again. Such wisdom. Such a timely topic.
Those ain't pants.

Be sure and get your Early Bird discount tickets for Immerse 2015 at LifeAustin for Saturday, October 17, 2015. Food trucks will be on site for dinner and treats, doors open at 5:45pm and then Immerse kicks off at 6:30pm. Can't wait to see you there!

Click here to get your tickets!

And, Anita, I'm taking your message seriously. I'm re-evaluating my definition of pants. You, my friend, are a humanitarian.




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Romancing the Home

I'm blogging this week over at Spirit 1059 about Romancing the Home. Yep. All about PDA and Mike and marriage. Check it out by clicking here!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

FREE Summer Bible Study!


With all the activities and travel and sunshine of summer, it can be a challenge to stay in the groove of staying in the Word. That's why I'm so, so, so excited to offer an online option for you for the summer.

And then this...

It's FREE!

It's called The Footnotes and it's fresh off the digital press!
Here's the deets.

I go to the grocery store. I answer the emails. I drop off the kids and then I pick them back up. I reload the washing machine. I finish a project at work just to begin another one. In the repetition and minutiae of it all, I sometimes have to wonder. Does it all count toward something? Will it make a difference? Can God use it? Over seven billion people currently live on this globe and an estimated one hundred eight billion people have passed this way over time. It's understandable that we would stand back on occasion and question if we will leave a legacy, if we really will be able to speak into future lives. Or will we be just a footnote in a list somewhere?

There are about thirty-three hundred specific people mentioned in the Bible and of those, many are just one-liners, anonymous or a passing mention. In our study Bibles, they're often just a footnote in the margin. And yet, if we're willing to look a little deeper, their lives have many lessons to teach. The Footnotes, my newest online, free Bible study, will take a closer look at some of the stories and people you may have breezed by in the past. The footnotes I call The Reputation, The Bridge, The Wrestler, The Messenger, The Heckler and The Career are people who didn't make a best-known list, but their lives still speak in to ours today. We'll cover some hidden history, take a look at fascinating facts and learn how to apply the lessons of The Footnotes to our lives today. Join me for a six week study that will sharpen your sleuthing skills and heighten your awareness of some of the 'smaller' stories of the Bible while gaining insight for living today.

Each week, you'll receive an email with the link for the newest video lesson and a pdf file with listening guide, discussion questions and guided journaling for the week. You can take it at your own pace, from wherever your summer plans take you. We'll also weave in some interesting local history as well.

We'll launch June 28th, 2015, and you'll have access to that week's video lesson and study guide pdf to do on your time, whether on the road, poolside or on the run. If you'd like to do it as a small group study with your friends, awesome! You can customize it to work with your summer schedule. Can't wait to show you some of the amazing people and hidden stories from the Bible, around the Austin area and even a little something from my ancestors. Sign up today!

Register for our FREE online Bible study!

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