Julie Lyles Carr: Two Steps Sideways, One Step Forward

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two Steps Sideways, One Step Forward

We continue 7 of 8's new physical and occupational therapy appointments today as we work to strengthen her left side. She already is beginning to squawk at us as we try to get her into various positions that the pt wants us to use to utilize her left arm. Smart little thing!

One of the maneuvers the therapist has shown us seems so odd and yet it works. As 7 of 8 is engaging in her little lopsided crawl (video), we are to push on her right side along the ribcage. It has the affect of moving her up onto the weaker left arm and propels her to use it. It also changes her intended path, moving her somewhat sideways as she crawls on the floor.

It was in one of these moments, following 7 of 8, pushing her right side, making her stronger, moving her sideways, that the Lord hit me with a thought...there are many times that I am so wanting to make progress in my walk, so wanting to grow stronger in my faith, that it seems that I am moving sideways. I intend to go forward, but it feels as if my circumstances shove me to one side or the other, making me struggle harder to move ahead. And today, following 7 of 8, I realized: sometimes, in order for the Lord to strengthen an area of my life that is weak, that will not serve me well in the future, there will be a season where He gently moves me sideways, forcing me up onto the strut of my weakness, forcing me to use spiritual muscles that run the risk of atrophy. I protest, feeling this 'therapy' is running me off course. But just like 7 of 8, I can still keep my eye on the prize, still experience some forward momentum. And it is all in His effort to take me from lopsided crawl, to hands and knees to walk, to run. Thank you, Lord, for the lopsided crawl.
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