Julie Lyles Carr: We're Baaacckkkkk......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're Baaacckkkkk......

Yes, the first Summer Roadtrip of '08 has been completed and cataloged. We traveled up to the hometown so a majority of the kids could go to MiMi and PaPa Camp, an endeavor that involves all kinds of grandchildren descending on their grandparents at the lake cabin, complete with crafts, water play, skiing and, oh yes, chores. Since my sister-in-law and brother-in-law completed their family portrait at a manageable three kids and those three manageable children spent the week up at MiMi and PaPa camp, sis&bro-in-law had four days of quiet mornings, eating out and a real movie at a real movie theater.

My time was a little more, um, how shall we say, multi-layered. We ventured first to 4 of 8's amazing group in Oklahoma City, Hearts for Hearing. We went through some testing, then proceeded on to MiMi and PaPa camp, where five of the kids disembarked with that set of grandparents. I took the twins on to my parents and there learned how much help my big kids are when it comes to wrangling these little guys. Yikes! I basically chased fast moving crawlers, preventing shelf-clearings, electrical plug-play, table pull-overs and toilet splash games. For the most part, I was successful in my efforts, but the challenge with twins is while you are dealing with the potential pranks of one, the other is taking the opportunity to slither into a different room and empty a desk drawer containing your hosts' tax records. While fish and guests may begin to smell after three days, twin guests odoriferously announce their presence immediately with soured bottles and bad diapers and altered sleep patterns. The plan had been for me to work on several writing projects and to up my mileage on my running. The plan altered to trying to get to brush my teeth in some sort of discernible routine. My parents graciously dealt with the noisy invasion and I got the bicep workout of my life.

Whilst I was in the middle of developing my new fitness series, Twin Maintenance Workout, and five of the kids were busy dismantling my in-laws' lake cabin, M and 1 of 8 were going about the business of their lives, running the business for M and learning all things French for 1 of 8. There was also a mid-week jaunt to NYC, M's favorite place in the world, which coincided nicely with his birthday. M and 1 of 8 watched some movies, ate a little dinner, hit the music scene downtown, and all and all, enjoyed the quiet of a house without the little people population running amok. We arrived in after a long day of driving, finding the weather hot, the yard a tad too long, and an enthusiastic M and 1 of 8 ready to see the babies and wrestle the little kids. And it feels great to all be back together again.
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