Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Selah

"...David would take his harp and play.  Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him."  I Samuel 16:23

Come on, let's face it.  There are those mornings when you wake up and the day already seems dark.  The kids are squabbling over the last bit of sugary cereal, the dog had an accident, the baby won't be consoled, and you and your spouse exchanged terse words before heading out the door.  Those kind of mornings happen, and they seem usher in a negative cloud into the home, an odor of discontent and pettiness.  It seems to infect everyone, the mama, the kiddos and the snippy salesperson on the phone. 

Call me metaphysical, but what you may need is some Spiritual Pest Control.  Some of us aren't particularly comfortable with the language of an 'evil spirit' entering our homes, and yet, bickering, jealousy, impatience and the like are simply that--chimeras of the enemy, on a mission to steal our joy.  So what is Holy D-Con to the joy stealers?

The above Scripture would indicate that some praise and worship music could do the trick.  I'm not here to suggest what preferential type it should be, gospel, contemporary, instrumental, a capella, only to encourage you to put on that music, loud, and sing along.  Music that focuses on Him, focuses on His glory, focuses on His goodness.  Music that lifts the heart, fills the spirit--and counters the negativity.  Music that invisibly fills our homes and yet colors every nook and cranny.  Words that quiet the squabbles, change the tone, calm the pace. 

And in that spiritual irony, wields a might weapon fending for joy.

I challenge you, Dear Reader.  Take advantage of those media devices the Lord has provided.  Put on that music the Lord has anointed.  And be refreshed, renewed, and equipped.  Breathe in the fresh air of the Spirit.

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