Julie Lyles Carr: We Got Culture, Yes We Do!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Got Culture, Yes We Do!!!

So we're doing our weekly therapy/Skype thingy with 4 of 8's auditory verbal therapist yesterday morning.  We've been focusing on developing language surrounding current events.  With the upcoming Olympics, Wendy Our Amazing Therapist began talking 4 of 8 through what the Olympics are, when the Olympics occur, where it is going to take place this year.  Wendy Our Amazing Therapist began explaining the variety of sports that would be taking place, how the athletes would compete, the running, the jumping, the vault, the beam...to which 4 of 8 responded, "Oh, like Wipeout?!?"

(for those of you who are avoiding the amazing cultural experiences modern television has to offer, Wipeout is a 'gameshow' of sorts on ABC that is based on the premise that people are willing to make complete fools of themselves on a ridiculous, mud spattered, water spraying obstacle course, all for the opportunity to win 50K.)

I was so proud....
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