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Thursday, August 14, 2008


5 of 8 is my quirky little guy, content to observe the craziness of the household and occasionally escape to the relative calm of the virtual gaming Wii world.  He says he is the quiet one of the family (which, given the auditory-aggressiveness of this group, could mean he's as quiet as a herd of elephants--but he actually is a fairly subdued little person).  He has had some little friends in the past and has tagged along on numerous adventures with his older brother and older brother's pals, but has not had a best bud.

Until now.

5 of 8 and CT discovered one another when we moved in up the street about a year ago.  And they've been thick as thieves ever since.

CT's mom and I would love to say that the boys have found connection through loving the same books.  We would love to tell you that the boys have vivid imaginations and have created their own play-world of enchanted forests and mythical creatures.  We would love to tell you that the boys are both hugely artistic and enjoy painting side-by-side, drawing, sketching, creating.  We would love to tell you the connection is all about sports and athletics, that they push each other further and faster.

But no.

It's a friendship forged in the heat of battle, in the mysterious forests, in the race-track, nail-biting, competitive environment of.....the Wii.

And it is a Wii friendship like no other.....

There was a time that I might have clicked my tongue, for shame, for friendships based on technology and media hobbies.  And then I started blogging.....so who am I to judge?
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