Julie Lyles Carr: Monday Musings...House?...Home?...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Musings...House?...Home?...

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home, sweet home
For there the heart can rest.

Tell a Friend-Henry Van Dyke
It was never my intention to become a multi-property real estate investor...and yet here I am.  Our home on the coast is still on the market, 16 months after we accepted a new opportunity in a new city.  We have learned to turn off our ears to the dire real estate market news.  We have decided to ignore the calendar and just let it be.  We aren't thrilled things have taken so long...and, we've been through this before with a previous home.  While experience can be a harsh teacher, you don't forget the lessons.   And so, we are keeping the stress at arm's length, usually...sometimes...kind of.
We took the kids back to our previous city and domicile to hit the beach and to check up on the house.  We camped out at the house for one night, and let the twins see the abode where they also lived, though in utero, up until five weeks before their birth.  We shed a few tears, cleaned up a few bugs, made a couple of lists and recounted some fun memories.  4 of 8 got to spend time with her best friend, an incredible young lady who lives directly across the street.  We remembered again the things we loved about this home.  We heard our children's voices ringing from the upstairs, heard their pounding feet playing tag in the game room.  We felt our hearts ache a little bit.  And then we packed up our sleeping bags, cleaned the potties and returned to our newest shelter.
 6 & 7 of 8 
Sigh.  I loved that house.
 Window sills make perfect little girl seats...
 ..and boy seats...8 of 8 
Breakfast by windowlight... 

Hangin' at the old crib... 

So when does a house become a home?  And when do you release a home to go back to just being a house?  Have you moved?  Are you moving?  How do you feel about it, how do you make it work?  What is hardest for you to leave?  Feel free to tell it in the comment line or you can post your thoughts at your own url and link it here through the Mr. Linky's box below.

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