Julie Lyles Carr: Off Kilter...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off Kilter...

I got ready to head out the door to run a few errands, a rare event that typically takes place in between nursing the twins and bossing around everybody else.  The big sisters were available to babysit and so I was able to get in a little peace and quiet as I ran from store to store.

I couldn't put my finger on it, but I felt a little...I don't know....off.  A little freer.  A little looser.  Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder...but still a little out of balance.

Now, granted, I haven't gotten much sleep since the early days of the twin pregnancy in '06 thru the pre-labor move to a new city in '07 all the way thru to the twins' first birthday in '08.  I've only just recently begun to experience REM sleep cycles again.  I've had to ignore many physical symptoms, ignore fatigue, ignore discomfort.  Ignore feeling a little...off.

But on this particular errand day, it did seem like something was just different.  And it seemed that my fellow shopper could also tell.  Their glances and sidelong looks were mixed with expressions of mirth and sympathy.  What was going on?

It was about at the fourth or fifth stop of the day that I happened to see my reflection in a store window.  Then all the mystery of my sense of imbalance, all the little odd sensations of the day, became clear.  I would try to describe in words what I saw reflected in that store window, but I don't know that I could verbally do it justice.  I suppose the only way to help you, Dear Reader, to experience fully my sense of shock and awe is to create for you a Photographic Analogy.

I offer you this:

I had apparently forgotten to re-fasten one side of my nursing bra.  Yea.  Real attractive... 
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