Julie Lyles Carr: And So It Begins.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And So It Begins.....

Ah, soccer season.  I posted back in the spring about the resurgence of soccer fever amongst some of the family, even after reviewing the challenges of Soccer Seasons Past.  Fast forward and here we go again, this time, M coaching two, yes, two soccer teams and three of the kids returning to their teams.

Getting everyone where they need to go in the late afternoon and evenings with the addition of this soccer obsession makes us the least fuel-economy minded family in our region.  Some kids are going toward the dance school, 3 of 8's soccer practice is all the way across town, M is shuttling between two different soccer complexes, herding 4 of 8 to one, 5 of 8 to another.  The twins will be putting in some miles on the carseats with all the carpooling and commuting.  The carpet of my van is about to become even crunchier.

3 of 8's first practice took place this week and was scheduled to coincide with the hottest afternoon recorded.ever.  Okay, that may be a bit of a exageration...but I do think I may have dropped five pounds while standing under a skimpy shade tree, sweating, slurping at a water bottle and clicking my camera shutter. 

We adore 3 of 8's coach.  She has been coaching these boys since they were 6 years old.  She has an amazing skill for the game and loves these boys, considering them family.  As a side note, she wears a cochlear implant.  She and 4 of 8 have a neat bond, and 3 of 8 feels so privileged to be under the tutilage of such an amazing lady.

Kickin' off the season...



3 of 8, contemplating the season ahead with vision and determination...or he may just be really, really hot...

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