Julie Lyles Carr: Google Reader Issues

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Reader Issues

Hey Gang!

Several of you have been so great to let me know that your Google Readers have not updated since July when it comes to the Octamom blog.  While I am trying to figure out what the problem it, I have determined that if you subscribe through the button in the right sidebar, you can choose Google Reader and it will be current.  The issue seems to be with those readers who subscribed by going directly to the Google Reader site and subscribing there.  So sorry for the inconvenience--I am working to figure this out and get things appropriately updated.  In the interim, if you could go through the subscription link on the right sidebar, that should get you up-to-speed and current.  The issue only seems to be with Google Reader....other  services which have accessed the blog directly to be updating just fine....
Hmmmmmmm......any techy advice would be much appreciated!

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