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Friday, October 3, 2008

Baby Got a New Shoe...

There seem to have been quite a few shoe posts around the old blog neighborhood over the past few days.  Steph's adorable little Ivy has been showing off her footwear collection and Michelle is trying to decide which expensive pair would go with her amazing dress for attending a very glamorous and hip upcoming event (I voted for the burgundy, by the way).

So to stay current, I decided to buy a new shoe yesterday.

And by shoe, I don't mean 'pair'.

I mean SHOE.  Singular.

See, I'm not big on buying expensive shoes.  Unless they're running shoes.  Or pointe shoes for 2 of 8.  And then we're still gonna reign in the cost, because at last count, busy little cobblers needed to shoe 20 feet in this house.  So we believe in getting good value for our shoe dollar.

Not that I don't love expensive shoes, mind you.  Hey, I watch "What Not To Wear."  I have an idea of what really amazing, cool, designer shoes look like.  I've seen 'em.  I just don't buy 'em.

Until yesterday.

And then I saw this little number that I just had.to.have.  It goes with everything.  It can be worn endlessly for weeks at a time.  It can be completely custom-fitted for its wearer.  And many hours of design have gone into this baby.



I know.  Breathtaking, right?


Doesn't it just totally go with that outfit?


And can you even believe it?  We got this little beauty for a mere $260.  I know!  What a steal!  (Our insurance company wagered a little discount for us--they're so sweet like that...)  I think it has such a retro Star Wars feel, don't you?  Apparently all the girls with tarsal coalition wear 'em (I included the medical link on that whole tarsal coalition thing, because it apparently is not some ancient treaty between the Tartars and the Mongols of ancient Asia....)

Rockin' the Walking Cast,
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