Julie Lyles Carr: A Little Fosse, Anyone?

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Little Fosse, Anyone?

I wasn't raised a dancer. Didn't take dance classes, didn't study it as an art form, didn't don a leotard and join in the discipline.

But, oh my, have I raised some dancers.

Kids 1 thru 6 have all taken dance and I'm assuming 7 and 8 will follow suit. Each of them has experienced their own take on the art form. And I have loved learning about a discipline that I have always admired but have known little about (pardon my dangling participle...).

2 of 8 is our strongest devotee to the dance. She is loving the experience of training not only in the ballet forms of Royal Ballet and Vaganova but also in the discipline of Cecchetti. She has been very blessed to have instructors who have received extensive training in these forms and recently made another discovery;  one of her teachers actually trained with Bob Fosse, famous theatrical choreographer and jazz dancer.  2 of 8 has very enthusiastically picked up a top hat and toy trumpet to begin learning the Fosse style.



2 of 8 was thrilled to have attended a recent Cecchetti conference here in our city, taking her next level of exams and also being able to take a Fosse-based class from her instructor who worked with Fosse.  It's such an amazing thing to see a kid take a cute little hobby, a thing they enjoy, and begin to turn it into a product of beauty, discipline and grace.  When I see 2 of 8 perform, I can still visualize the chubby little three year old who first danced on-stage in a puffy baby blue costume, squeezable baby legs encased in bright pink tights.  But in seeing the little girl of my memory, I now overlay it with the vision of the young woman she is now, daughter, student, athlete, dancer, artist.


And it is just a delight.


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