Julie Lyles Carr: Love Line

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love Line

"Why, Octamom," you say, "you've been married for over 19 years. Could you share your thoughts on marriage, on how to keep two lives intertwined and connected as the pace of years and careers and children pull on the confines of time, time alone with each other. How do you keep the spark, keep the fingers of two hearts laced and warm?"

Well, Gentle Readers, I see marriage as a line, a cord held at each end by each of the lovers. This heart string can be stretched, pulled as each partner pursues goals and friendships and hobbies. It can be pulled by stress and circumstances.


But if there is flexibility, if there is pliancy, cooperation, the line can be folded upon itself, making one love, one life, one heart.



Oh, wait....


Um, actually......

....this is the vacuum cleaner cord.


My bad.

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