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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remember When....

Remember when I posted that little thing last week about a certain compulsion of mine?

Remember when I showed you multiple uses for the item that I tend to stockpile the most?

Remember when you saw those pictures of the kids using that item for phonics lessons and building blocks and all sorts of reindeer games?

I seem to have forgotten one other game.

I learned of it first through sound effects.

From a short distance, it sounds kind of like a wet 'kerplunk', followed by a moist 'squish', immediately followed by a loud "Yeah" and the sound of sopping applause.

It looks something like this...



~We shall call it TP Bowl Ball ~

As it's a relatively new sport around here, I'll be sure and post further rules and regulations should they arise.  At this point, I believe the point of the game is to slam dunk as many rolls of TP as possible before your mother catches you.  And you have to applaud yourself after every dunk.  And you have to get as wet as possible.  And you have to be charming when you are caught.

Please contact me about possible franchise opportunities.  TP Bowl Ball is gonna go big....I can tell. 

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