Julie Lyles Carr: Capturing the Elusive Couple Photo...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Capturing the Elusive Couple Photo...

To look at the photographic record, one would assume that M and I are most likely married to other people and that I myself am a fleeting figure, a quarry to only be photographed during labor and immediately, exhaustedly postpartum. Combing through our huge collection of photographs crammed in boxes and external hard drives, you would be hard pressed to find many more than a handful of images in which M and I appear in the same frame.

I aerobically decided to change that trend on our little getaway.

While hiking on Saturday, I opted to use the self-timer on that great new camera M found out he bought for me surprised me with and put that extra ten-second frame delay to good use.

But it is more dangerous than it looks.

I precariously balanced that expensive new camera on rickety fence posts, propped at hopeful angles, pressed the shutter and then ran like the dickens to meet M several yards down the path...

couple pic one

...and almost knocked us both down as I skidded into M on the leaf-strewn path.

Then there's the danger of reversing the flow on one of the sinus cavities by trying to act all vogue and contemplative while holding in snorting giggles...

couple pic3

Now if I remember correctly, M may have told me something very romantic when I set the timer and ran down the path for this shot...something romantic like, "You're so weird.."...or was it 'odd'?

couple pic4

After putting my camera on rickety fence posts, I decided I hadn't been innovative enough...so I placed my sweet Canon baby on the forest floor, angled the lens with a branch and scurried toward M, hoping I would get something for my trouble.


So there you have it- photographic proof that M and I can occasionally appear in pictures together and that we even can appear in a photograph without Christmas paraphernalia or silly hats on or with multiple other people...provided I am willing to risk camera and limb to get the shot.

Ever the Wildlife Photographer,

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