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Friday, November 21, 2008

Designs on Heaven Giveaway

I am absolutely delighted to let you all in on a little gem of a website (pardon the pun), a fantastic jewelry ministry created by my amazing friend Thea. How can a jewelry designer make a ministry out of her craft, you wonder?

I'm glad you asked.

Thea designs and creates incredible pieces of jewelry art, and then takes all the proceeds from the sales of those pieces and contributes them to Christian organizations that are dedicated to spreading the gospel, feeling the hungry and helping the needy. Many of her pieces have biblical application and she has generously allowed me to give away one of those pieces to one of you.

mother of pearl cross

This is her design known as 'The Gemstones of the Bible', representing the 12 stones listed in Revelation and their associated symbolism for the Apostles, with the mother of pearl cross representing Christ, the gate into heaven. I have this piece myself and have given it to several friends, so appreciating the reminder.

So here's the deal for the Designs on Heaven Giveaway. Head over to Thea's, take a look at all her amazing creations, do a little Christmas shopping if you like, tell me your favorite and check back on Wednesday to see if you've won!

Best of luck!

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