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Friday, November 14, 2008

HSM Giveaway

It's a phenomenon that has swept the nation, much to the surprise of critics and fans alike. It seems everywhere you look, there's another article, another television spot about the stories and styles of its students. HSM--what a ride.

Don't tell me you don't know what HSM is?!? Have you been under a rock?

HSM= HomeSchoolMom of course! Sheesh!

I'm throwing a little giveaway for all you lovely people who are fans of HSM.....HomeSchoolMoms. Tracy of Homeschool Boutique has generously offered to gift one Octamom reader with the item of their choice from her great online store.

And if you don't homeschool, never fear! You can still enter--check out these awesome Scripture bags! They're good for public, private and homeschoolers alike. Or pick up a cute tee for your crazy neighbor who's attempting to educate all eight of her kids...

Let's make up some giveaway rules, shall we?

1. Eat a piece of chocolate (you knew that had to be in there...)
2. Head over the Homeschool Boutique and take a look around. You'll definitely want to see the t-shirts for seniors. The mom shirts are adorable and--well, just go look~
3. Eat another piece of chocolate.
4. Head back over here and leave a comment, telling me which item you love. You can enter from now until Tuesday, one entry per person please. Then the Octamom kiddos will draw one of your names from a hat, being sure to discuss statistics and probabilty so as to make this a homeschool lesson.
5. Check back here on Wednesday to see if you've won!

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