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Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Musings...Soul Food

Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power,
has that ability to comfort.

~ Norman Kolpas

Our peeps are taking good care of us. 4 of 8 has received generous good wishes from all of you, my blog buddies. She got the new Kit Kittreredge movie from her cousin. Her soccer team had warm, fresh cookies delivered to our door. A pumpkin pie arrived from the next-door neighbor.

And my precious three-doors-down neighbor, my buddy that sees all the chaos of the Octamom house and loves us anyway, brought us a wonderful dinner the night we brought 4 of 8 home from the surgery.

And without realizing it, she filled both our tummies and our hearts.

She made us chicken spaghetti, garlic bread, fresh salad and layered dessert.

She had unknowingly tapped into our comfort-food psyche.

M's mom, MiMi, always makes chicken spaghetti. When our babies were born, there was usually a casserole dish of MiMi chicken spaghetti in the oven. When we would gather for a Sunday afternoon lunch, chicken spaghetti was a frequent entree. Chicken spaghetti speaks comfort and care and home and succor for us.

And then there's the layered dessert.

'Layered dessert' is its good girl name. M's Grammy often made this concoction for us. It's a crust of pecans and butter and flour, topped with alternating layers of chocolate pudding and whipped cream and shaved chocolate and more nuts. It's just a creamy, dreamy confection. M's Grammy called it 'layered dessert' if she took it to a church function. But for family gatherings, this dish has a more, um, direct title...she always called it 'Sex in a Pan'.

Chicken Spaghetti and 'Layered Dessert'--a meal that goes from the dinner table straight to the heart, leaving us with a full sense of being nurtured and cared for, a taste of comfort on a tough day.

So my precious neighbor JT showed up with this menu for us, a casserole dish of comfort, even though we are many miles from extended family. She blessed us with the awareness that God can give us family where ever He takes us. She blessed us with a less stressful evening as we settled 4 of 8 in for the night.

She blessed us by bringing us a taste of home. And making here feel more like home.

And that is truly a comfort.

I know you've got them, too, those dishes that transcend your taste buds and speak to your soul. So share with the rest of us those treats and entrees and bowls of goodness that mean home and comfort, care and nurture. Feel free to post a comment in the comment box, or write your own post on this topic, leaving the url and your name in the Mister Linky's box below. Share a little of your soul food!

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