Julie Lyles Carr: Ode to Pumpkin Bread...and Giveaway Winner

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ode to Pumpkin Bread...and Giveaway Winner

Others may find their joy in turkey, tom and hen
But I will not willingly follow them
My love is too pure, my taste too refined
There is only one Autumn flavor, sublime


Containing just 1 3/4 cup of flour
Should one wish to bake for an hour
Just a 1/2 cup each of brown and white sugar
Stirring to make a batter merger


And spices, oh delightful spices!
Bringing your sweet aromas, innocent vices
A teaspoon of cinnamon, a half teaspoon of ginger
Skip across our tongues and linger


A half teaspoon of nutmeg, another of cloves
Bring children running to the kitchen in droves
The leavening magic of a teaspoon of baking soda,
A quarter of baking powder, almost to the coda


A teaspoon of salt, 2 eggs, a half cup melted butter
Render me helpless, bringing a delighted shudder
And then the crowning glory, one cup pumpkin
Six ounces butterscotch chips, appetite a'workin'


So to you, my Pumpkin Bread
I choose you instead
Over all the hype and turkey mania
Of the Thanksgiving table paraphenailia


And congrats to CC at If I Only Had Superpowers--she's our Designs on Heaven Giveaway Winner!  Congrats, CC, and shoot me an email so I can give you the skinny on picking up your loot!

The Pumpkin Poet Laureate,

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