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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Potpourri Post

~~~a post in which I combine all sorts of seemingly unrelated little items that must go somewhere~~~

Let's give a big round of applause for these folks, would ya?

It's the Octamom parental units, those brave individuals who raised the little girl who would go on to get knocked up multiple times and write about it on the internet.  They are celebrating 46 years of marriage this week and have raised three kids (or, at least, kicked us all out of the house at a certain point) and boast grandparenting bragging rights to 14 grandbabies.  Come on, Bloggy Buds, let's give 'em one more virtual clap, shall we?!?

So in honor of Election Day, I thought I would make sure you knew about that other election you were all so curious about....


I was honored to receive an Honorable Mention award in Scribbit's October Write Away contest.  My entry was The Yellow Umbrella, a little bit of a take off on Scribbit's theme of ghosts.  For all of you who left such amazing feedback and encouragement concerning my little work of fiction, thank you so much!  I was so encouraged to get myself back to writing more fiction and playing with more ideas.

Now we move on to the Official Apology Section of the Potpourri Post.  This will have two parts. 

Part 1:  I have been lousy, lousy, lousy about updating my Bloggin' Buds list.  There are so many of you I need to add to the line-up, so many of you I visit each week and enjoy and laugh and think as a result.  I will really make an effort to get that baby updated so that it is more representational of the amazing writers and thinkers and moms and runners and chefs and therapists and artists who enhance and enlarge my world through this bloggin' gig.  

Part 2:  Several of you have just delighted me with sending blog awards my way...and I've allowed those honors to collect virtual dust as I keep trying to find the posting spot and the time to pass on the love.  I've been really bad about keeping up with all of it...so maybe it's time I gave a little shout-out to those of you who have sent a little bloggy-love and awards my way...

AVT Coach 
Crazy Mama of 6 
Shauna Chambers 
Darla at A Tortoise in the Fast Lane
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom

I already know I'm missing a couple of folks!  Grrr!  Well, let's do this...let's make this a new blog award...we'll call it the "I Gave Octamom an Award and it Took Her Two Years to Post It"  Award.  What do you think?  Does someone want to make the award badge for this little gem?  All of which, dang, leads to a Part 3 to this section, which will read, "I am so sorry if I left your name off the list--email me and I'll fix it!"

Now here's a little random something I thought was hilarious--just happened to catch this on the Today Show last week--it's the first kid I really want you to see--don't you wish you knew what his father was whispering to him?

Okay, well, I guess that wraps up the Potpourri Po...what?  What's that?  Oh, of course.  Of course you're right!  No Potpourri Post would be complete without a little Purple Unicorn!


There.  Now the fragrance is complete...

Keeping the Mix Fresh,

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