Julie Lyles Carr: Baking by Insanity

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baking by Insanity

"Hey, Octamom," you say. "What's the deal? I've left you comments and it's taken you days to respond. I'm used to you dropping by my blog on a fairly regular basis and you've been a bit spotty. Is there something I should know about?"---(or 'about which I should know?'--y'all are better about watching your dangling participles...)

Well, as a matter of fact, I do have a little project going on.
It's somewhat consuming.


It's starts a little something like this...


And then like most of my projects, it seems to grow...


Before you know it, it's taken on a baking life of its own...


You might as well know...I have BCD...Baking Compulsive Disorder...


It's characterized by dreaming up big baking schemes and volunteering to make homemade goodies for the office and neighborhood alike.


You shouldn't be staring directly into the photographs if you have blood sugar or thyroid issues...the sugar glare will be too much for you...


Here's why I don't bother posting recipes for y'all...this is what most of mine look like--and let me just tell you, it makes my sister-in-laws, the math teacher, the bio-chemist and the accountant, immediately break out into hives...


Did you just hear my collective sis-in-law-hood shudder? And my mother is an accountant--she's feeling a little itchy right now...(but I do love the juxtaposition of my recipe card with my label-maker corn starch--I'm complicated like that...)


And be warned--I'm pulling the next generation into this mania...




So around here, we're pretty much decking every horizontal surface with holly--and I'm not yet adept at typing comments and emails with my elbows, since my fingers are delightfully gloved in flour and butter and sugar...

But never fear, I've kept you close through all the baking...because I have mastered hitting the refresh button with my elbow so I can read your comments...


Riding the sugar buzz,

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