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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Card Competitive

Apparently I'm more competitive than I think.

In only one area.

But it is an area in which I insist on the highest level of performance, a standard that must be upheld, regardless of moves and births and Thanksgiving dinner for 40.

The Octamom standard is this:

Christmas cards MUST be mailed out the week of Thanksgiving.

Preferably the Friday before Thanksgiving.

But the Monday of Thanksgiving week is also acceptable.

Which I suppose means it's a bit of a lax standard...but a standard, nonetheless.

As long as we lived closer to extended family who was accustomed to the screaming, sweating, stressful aerobics of an Octamom family photo shoot and was still willing to man the camera for us, we often had numerous rolls of pictures to choose from each year for the Christams card picture.

Now, uh, not so much.

I feel like I just can't torture the neighbors that much....yet.

So a couple of weeks ago, I set the self-timer on the new Canon and forced talked my family into posing for a few pics.

Now, I'm gonna have to make you wait a bit longer for the final product, but some of the process looked like this.....


And this proud portrait...


Everyone was SO cooperative....


We couldn't find 6 of 8 as we got ready to set the camera.

But we should have realized that being a diva takes work....



And yet one more blissful shot...


You put it all together, and it all makes for one pre-Turkey, slightly competitive holiday greeting card extravaganza.

Let the Yuletide begin...

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