Julie Lyles Carr: The Pretty Tree

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Pretty Tree

While I do believe wholeheartedly in allowing the holiday decor to be dictated for the most part by the younger population that lives in this house, I do keep a few corners for myself. The formal dining room plays host to my decorating whims, a mish-mash of severe girly-ness.

Come see for yourself...


M calls it my scary bride tree since I wrap it all in white and cream tulle.

These magnolias were actually part of his parent's wedding rehearsal dinner center pieces over 45 years ago...


So, in retrospect, maybe the wedding tree thing is apt--except for that 'scary' adjective...what so scary about a fluffy, fabric wrapped tree?

This year I added a little feature from on idea I saw on a decorating site. Check it out.


I suspended these little birds from fishing line attached to the ceiling and hot-glued the bead garland in their beaks to make it look like they are trimming the tree...a la Cinderella and the scene where the birds trim her dress...


And I just love the apothecary jars filled with some of my favorite ornaments...


Hey, a mama's got to have a little fairy tale Christmas corner all her own, right?

Enjoy your Wordful Wednesday!

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