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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Removeth Thy Cast...

Nothing like the smell of sawed plaster in the morning...

So many of you have been so kind to inquire about 4 of 8's progress post surgery...and I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of a bright green, slightly used cast, one of those convenient items that fits nicely in the baby book. Not.

bday&cast 012

4 of 8 was really delighted that power tools were going to be involved in her cast removal.

bday&cast 013

Thankfully, our nurse was quite the hardware honey and made some mitre cuts that would have impressed the most seasoned of carpenters...

bday&cast 014

And so here it is, the cast un-casted...that plaster looks a little lonely, doesn't it?

bday&cast 015

Now, I'm getting ready to post some surgical suture photos...so if you're precious that way and can't take a little scalpel action across the ankle, you might want to look deep into your coffee cup for the next pic...'cuz here's the money shot...

bday&cast 016

Yea, Baby!

The surgeon had used the term 'button' in describing the medical device he would use to tack the muscle bundle he was moving to the bottom of the foot. He would throw around this 'button' term, as in, "I'll just pull the muscle down through the excised bone and attach it to the bottom of the foot with a 'button'." "After three weeks, I'll have to cut off the 'button'." "There may a bit of redness around the 'button'."

I assumed 'button' was orthopedic slang for 'stainless steel round-shaped medical device used for reattaching muscle bundles following bone excision during tarsal coalition surgery.'

I discovered that it is orthopedic slang for 'a plastic button like you would pull off of Grandma's cardigan...'

bday&cast 017

And just so you can see a little closer ('cuz I know you like that kind of thing...)

bday&cast 017

4 of 8 is quite glad to be free of her plaster of Paris behemoth and is gleefully limping around in her original walking boot for the next few weeks. We start physical therapy this week and are anxious to see what level of flexibility she will be able to achieve with that bone mass now removed. All in all, it's been a good experience.

And I fished that 'button' out of the exam room trash.

I figure I can tape it in the baby book next to her belly button.

Thematically symmetrical, no?

Orthopedically yours,

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