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Thursday, January 8, 2009

After the Bon Bons and Soap Operas....

So many of you have been so sweet to ask about 4 of 8's post surgery progress and 7 of 8's continued therapy following the diagnosis of a neonatal stroke.

And can I just take a moment to thank all of you so much for your kind words, prayers and sweet thoughts?

Thank you.

Thank you.

I thought I would cart the camera along to our session yesterday so you could see what we're up to and how we are progressing. Physical and occupational therapy is a study in patience. We set goals, we creep toward the goals, we celebrate the creeping and then we set new goals.

For an instant-gratification girl like me (hence the blogging-publishing fascination), slow, steady progress is a crucible of character-building.

I should have really big, strong, ripped character after this....

But I'm loving being along for the adventure, for the new knowledge about brain development and growth and re-wiring, about proprioception and muscle memory.

I always try to drink a big cup of coffee so my synapses are at high alert during these sessions.

4 of 8 was released by her orthopedic surgeon yesterday to rehabilitate with abandon-and she's reveling in that prognosis...

With just a couple of hiccups, 4 of 8's tarsal coalition surgery has been a success and she is enjoying significantly improved flexibilty in her previously 'frozen' ankle and foot...


4 of 8 really enjoys the 'girl' time with her physical therapist, Miss Laurie. I may have to have Miss Laurie sign a non-disclosure privacy form, since 4 of 8 seems intent on sharing all kinds of family 'moments' with Miss Laurie during their sessions...


I may need to remind 4 of 8 that this is 'physical' therapy...


7 of 8 continues to make nice progress as we attempt to wake up her left side following a neonatal stroke.


We spend a lot of time focusing on her left hand, getting her to open it, grab with it, clutch with it...we're pretty much left hand obsessed around here...


We've actually discussed having her hand and forearm treated with Botox to release some of the muscle rigidity...so you know I live in a crazy world when my kid is gonna get Botox before I do...


It's such an inspiration to watch Miss Pam and Miss Laurie work with my girls, coaching and loving and prodding and pushing them toward higher goals. I'm pretty much the president of the Miss Laurie/Miss Pam Fan Club...


I'm thinking I may need a t-shirt stating my allegiance to the stated Miss Laurie/Miss Pam Fan Club...

Here's my baby girl, standing on her own. They tell me that they do believe she will walk.


...which makes me cry...but they're good tears...they're tears of hope.


And what follows next is the one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever taken, but if I didn't give you the details, it could just pass you by. We've worked for months to wake up this little left hand. We've asked it to open and to feel and to take in textures and to pinch and to grab. And now, it's starting to. And it is a masterpiece.


I love that little hand.

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