Julie Lyles Carr: A History Lesson from 6 of 8

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A History Lesson from 6 of 8

Many of you have probably been waiting for more kernels of wisdom from 6 of 8, given her recent missives on psychology, philosophy and theology. So it is with great pleasure I'm able to bring you yet another brilliant facet from 6 of 8's perspective of the world.

1 of 8 loves old typewriters and has developed quite a beautiful collection. Her typewriters are artistically displayed in her room, each one highlighted. 6 of 8 was chatting with 1 of 8 in 1's room last week when the following exchange took place.

6 of 8: "You sure do love typewriters!"

1 of 8: "Yes, I do!"

6 of 8: "Once they get too old, can I have one?"

1 of 8: "That's the great thing about these typewriters. The older they get, the cooler they get because they are a part of history..."

6 of 8: (eye roll, exasperated...) "Tsk, no, 1 of 8, history was when the world was black and white..."

I suppose that's how you can know if your antiques are truly old...if they're still in color, they apparently are not all that old...

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