Julie Lyles Carr: Horses and Chariots and Little Tykes, Oh My!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Horses and Chariots and Little Tykes, Oh My!

If you've got toddlers in the house, I'm sure you've seen the latest product from those Picassos of plastic, the Little Tykes folks.

You know, the Greco-Roman Chariot.

It's so great! The kids just love it!


They can pretend to be charioteering gladiators, chasing all the other Romans around the Circus Maximus.


It's a toy that's such a great blend of imagination and ancient history.

Don't they just look ferocious?


I'm really glad we went ahead and got the optional big sister motor system to go along with the chariot--it makes the whole thing so much more realistic...


We super excited about the Little Tykes Trojan Horse coming out soon. Does anyone know when that one is supposed to hit the stores?

Re-purposing Play Plastics,

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