Julie Lyles Carr: Monday Musings...Happy Housewifery

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Musings...Happy Housewifery

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it. 
~Author Unknown

I changed post content in mid-stream.

 But I decided that prompting myself to whining and then encouraging you to do the same would not be keeping it excellent.

So I'm not going to tell you about the muscle in my right shoulder that clenches into a small boulder when I think about my least favorite chore. I won't tell you about the feelings of futility that arise when I finish this chore, only to see it undone within a few moments by the tide of humanity that ripples through the house. I won't regale you with the details of my frustrated demeanor, my injured shrieks, my droning whine as I plead with the kids to stop undoing what has been done.


Not gonna do it.

Not even gonna go there.

scrubbing the flo....


That was close!

Gotta keep a lid on that circumvented quixotic housewife personality...

So instead, I'll tell you about my most favorite chore, the one I had to really think about all day to come up with. Because telling you my favorite seems to be more in keeping with that goal of excellent.

It's a chore that is facilitated by a product that is a recent addition to the housekeeping product market. And I know some of you have concerns about putting this product in the hands of youngsters and yet others of you may have concerns about what ingredients are used to make this product so successful.

But, hey, for today, don't rain on my parade.

I'm trying to think positive here.

So for the big reveal, my most favorite household chore, the one that rises head and shoulders above the toilet scrubbing and the baseboard sweeping and the refrigerator haz-mat removal...beyond all these lies this one happy job.

When I Magic Eraser my walls.

You know, that odd white spongy rectangular thingy with that oddly attractive shaven man with the earring on the box.


Pure joy.

First of all, it's the one chore that the kids beg to be a part of...and one I rarely let them participate in. It is the one chore that has such an immediate sense of gratification. One tennis shoe mark under the dining bar...gone. Crayon on the kitchen wall...gone. Various nasal passage products decorating the expanse near a youngster's bed...finito.

Simple. No fumes. Not likely to be undone for at least a day or two.

Simplicity, relative permanence, immediate results.

If only scrubbing the floors was that fulfilling.

Or, you know, whatever chore...not trying to highlight floor scrubbing here....that wouldn't be excellent....

So put on your Pollyanna Housekeeping Hat and share with us the one chore that makes you happy, that singular job that brightens your house and unclouds your day. And if you're one of those who loves, loves, loves scouring and sculling and all that, well, just please be gentle.

Write your own post on this topic and post your name and the url of that post in the Mister Linky's box below or simply leave a comment. Let's be excellent, people!

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