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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So It's Come to This...

Almost two decades of motherhood.

And yet here we are.

I've been able to successfully avoid purchasing a particular item in all my years of mothering...but now, that item has been procured. I have been defeated in my quest to run a fairly open house.

We are now in lock-down.


And all because 8 of 8 has chosen to take my fairly progressive ideals on allowing children to explore their environments, has taken my dearly held theology that toddlers should be taught boundaries through example and not through enclosure, he has taken all that gentle, yes-I-have-my-degree-in-child-psychology thing and has shoved it squarely up my nose.

He is a marauding toddler.


He pillages, he vanquishes, he rearranges many of the home furnishings.

And he has a penchant for dragging his twin sister around by the hair.

Which she responds to by biting the fire out of him.

All while I try to teach multiplication tables to their older siblings.

So I've put them in the Toddler Zoo. We toss them native foods. We include items to stimulate their minds. And we do pin them up separately.


Because I frown on my young trying to feed upon each other.


And I would like 7 of 8 to keep most of her hair.

Should you come while the Toddler Zoo is open for visitors, please keep your fingers away from the enclosures...we never know when one of them might bite...


Rockin' the Super XLT Baby Yards,

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