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Friday, January 9, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Peeps...

I'm an introvert.

Sort of.

But I adore people.

And I like to be on stage.

I'm an enigma...(stop laughing).

I'm an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.

Or something like that.

And even though I need a little time and space on a fairly regular basis, it's the people in my life that bless me incredible, those amazing folks who are the treasures in my life.  I thought it would be fun to share some of this treasure with you from time to time, the friends who make up the colorful patchwork quilt that I wrap around me, surrounding me with fantastic stories, wisdom and heart. 

While we were back in the home city stomping grounds over the holidays, I got to spend the morning with one of my favorite people...the effervescent Thea of Designs on Heaven.  Thea designs amazing jewelry in her incredible studio, crafting tiny works of art out of glass, semi-precious stones and sculptable metals.  Her wonderful studio is filled with natural light and is a perfect blend of organization and muse.


I love hanging out in Thea's studio, slurping her gourmet coffee and trying to make her laugh.  She and her husband have had the opportunity to travel the world and she brings back incredible little bits of beads, ready to string the polished stones from many countries together in a cohesive piece.


You may remember that Thea graciously allowed me to host a give-away of one of her pieces back a few weeks ago.  Part of what makes her work so unique is that all of the profit from her work is contributed to missions work around the world.  It's fitting, somehow, that the beads and bangles she so lovingly puts together, a kaleidoscope of the colors of her travels, should go back out into the mission fields of the world in the form of financial contribution.


It's such a joy to be around Thea, to feel the reverb of her creative energy, to hear her sterling laugh.  She sees possibility in every challenge.  She sees God in every breath.  And she sees beauty in tiny pieces of glass and stone.



And I love the example here, that God can take whatever passion, artistry, ability, skill or talent and use it to reach the world.


And He can even do it while you rock a hat like this one.


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