Julie Lyles Carr: A Bang of Botox

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Bang of Botox


I thought I wasn't the type.

You know, to go under the blade.

But those pesky little lines on my forehead just kept getting deeper. So I did my research, looked at the options, considered the risks.

And I am completely thrilled to share with you a deep forehead wrinkle treatment place that met and exceeded my needs. No anesthesia, no chemicals, no stitches, no risk of looking 'over done', completely reversible and relatively inexpensive.

It's awesome.

But it does involve a blade.

That's the part you have to be brave about.

But check out my results.

Here's the before....


And now for the after...


I call it Botox Bangs.

Completely organic, completely reversible.

And no more forehead wrinkles. Unless it's windy outside.

But still.

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