Julie Lyles Carr: Black and White

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Black and White

7 of 8 sketch by ron

Imagine my delight when I opened up my email over the weekend and found this little treasure. My bloggin' buddy Ron had drawn this up for me in charcoal, scanned and sent it, all to get me teary eyed on a Saturday morning. He created this pencil and charcoal of 7 of 8 from this photograph which was in January's header...

7 of 8 grin

I was just so delighted and reflected on how connected and generous our blog world is. Ron has been so generous with his talents. I love a poem he wrote for a blog friend who was going through a particularly difficult transition. I'm so thankful for the hearts and minds of the amazing people I have met through this venue and for the opportunity to grow and think through the things y'all have to say and share.

Plus I love getting surprises. I know, I'm deep.

So give a little shout out today to one of your blogging friends. Let 'em know how they have enlarged your mind. Let 'em know how they color your world. Give 'em a big ol' cyber hug. (Note my use of 'y'all' and ''em'...I must be feeling pretty folksy...)

And while you're in the midst of a bloggin' love fest, go say hi to Ron over at Troubled Ramblings. You'll be glad you did...because you never know when you might find a little surprise in your email box...(no pressure, Ron...)

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