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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Eyes Have It...

M has sky blue, azure eyes and mine are green. And in the melting pot of genetics that graces our house, we've whelped a blue-green mix of irises.
And what follows is a fun little photo assignment. Break out those cameras, get yourself, your honey, your kiddos, your grandkids, your neighbors, your pets in natural light and click away. Eyes and their variation of colors are such amazing photography subjects...

1 of 8--one of the greenies---

2 of 8--our blue/green hybrid--

3 of 8--true, deep, denim blue--

4 of 8--gray/blue with a hint of gold--

5 of 8--green, green, green--

6 of 8--they don't come any bluer--

7 of 8--another greenie--

8 of 8--the same blue as 3 of 8 and just as charming...

A few of you have asked how I get the soft black 'vingette' effect around my photos. There are numerous ways to pull it off, and I have done the 'old school' method of creating a filter out of black paper and hooding my lens with it--but that was back in the old days of my medium format chemical-film camera. Now I just click on www.picnik.com, where I opened an account through my Flickr account. (I've corrected the link.) Picnik is on online editing suite that moves quickly and takes you through a series of action options to enhance your photographs. There are many features that are free (although I did go on and get a year membership that gave me some further access to different features) and it's a really quick way to tweak my shots. Because it's hosted online, the editing speed seems faster to me than the various editing suites I have on my computer. I can still do much more specific things with my Gimp and Paint (yep, I'm super cheap and am willing to toggle between my share-ware and open source suites rather than bite the bullet and pay full-out for Photoshop...), so Picknik lets me quickly spruce things up in between refereeing sibling debates and laundry loads.

Now get to clicking some eyeballs of your own and be sure and show us the results!

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