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Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Your Neighborhood...

feb walk1

Got a little suggestion for ya...

Next time you go for a little stroll around ye ol' block, the next time you head out for your morning constitutional, take your camera.

And really look, really look, around you.


I tend to power-walk my way past some amazing beauty. Stroller, check. Dogs, check. Sippy cups, check. Garage door opener, check. Various Octamom kids, check. And away I go, intent on my route.

feb walk4

But when I slow down, take a look around, and frame up a few things in the eye of my camera, beauty abounds. The crimson of berries. The curve of the road. The incredible blue of a February sky. The faded gold of the grass.

feb walk4

And then, of course, there's the company...

feb walk2

feb walk3

So do me a favor. Go sightseeing...right outside your door...

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