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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Musings...Epicurean...Sort of...

"I'm not afraid to eat anything!...except the things I hate..."
5 of 8
I was baking with 6 of 8 Saturday when 5 of 8 wandered through the kitchen. We asked him if he would like to be our taste-tester and he enthusiastically agreed, stating, "I'm not afraid to eat anything!...except the things I hate..." It was definitely one of those mommy moments that in the interest of preserving the male ego, I had to choke back my laughter and nod knowingly at him.

My kids are actually pretty good about eating all kinds of different dishes. We introduced them at young ages to steamed artichoke hearts, lemon and dill salmon, dark chocolate and pomegranates, quinoa, bleu cheese. For the most part, they are quite willing to give my stabs at gourmet a try.

But every now and then, I will place some new recipe in front of them that brings their sense of gastronomic adventure to a screeching halt. Sometimes it's the color. Sometimes it's the texture. They won't even dip their spoon into the concoction without some stern encouragement and a round of 'how many bites' negotiation.

I try to be somewhat sympathetic. I tell them that all I require is that they just give it a taste. How will you know if you like it or not, I argue, just from the appearance alone? Just give it a taste. And, ironically, sometimes some of the dishes that have initially received the strongest amount of protest have ended up being some of their favorites.

So I say all that to say...I am a hypocrite. Because I am a visual, textural eater. If it looks a little off, forget it. If the texture looks odd, no way. A trepidacious epicurean. That's me.

Don't tell the kids.

There are some dishes that I avoided for years which have ultimately become some of the items on my top ten list. Sushi was one. M would travel on business and rave about the sushi bar he found in Manhattan. We would be getting ready to go on our Friday night date and he would start in about wanting to take me out for sushi. I would hem and haw, look askance and decline.

And then I tried it.

Oh, my.

My initial concerns about texture were abated. My fear of strong, fishy taste was assuaged. I fell madly, deeply in love. The same with ceviche, a seafood appetizer 'baked' in a marinade of citrus juices. Strong French cheeses, calamari, ahi tuna, I love it all now that I'm past my previous concerns.

But I still hate Brussel sprouts. They are evil.

So what have you feared to ingest, only to find that you have now developed a deep affection for? Or are you willing to give just about anything a good college try? Do you stay close to the shore when it comes to your gourmet adventures or are you willing to sail the high seas in anticipation of a mystery dish? Post about your taste bud tendencies and come back here to enter your name and the url of your post in the Mister Linky's box below, or simply post a comment about this topic. Let's see what kind of eater you are!

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