Julie Lyles Carr: OctO vs. OctA...and the Homeschool Boutique Giveaway Winner!

Friday, February 13, 2009

OctO vs. OctA...and the Homeschool Boutique Giveaway Winner!

Several of you have been so sweet to check in on me this week as my name got highjacked by the popular media and was applied to the fertility junkie over in California who used the miracle of modern science to bring eight little ones in one blow into the world...that brave little tailor....

So, yea, I'm not all that jazzed that the media has been referring to her as Octo mom. I rather like my little nickname and seeing it misspelled and used by another kind of messes with my blog mind. It sort of reminds me of when the kids burned down my Sims house...I thought I had carved my own little unique place here, only to see it burgled by a hyper birther. Those are the breaks, I suppose.

But aside from feeling that my good name has been plagiarized, I do have a strong opinion about this whole mess, this whole 'I'll have a side of anonymous semen with my food stamps' thing. You've probably seen it covered on other blogs. People surely have been bringing up the issue that is primary in my mind. I may bore you with my additional insights.

But you're here, so I'll share it anyhow...

Issue #1: I believe that the accurate spelling for this woman, if she's going to use my name, should be OctU mom. She did have, after all, octUplets. The octO thing just kinda bugs me. I came up with octA for octagon. And, okay, I get where the octO thing means 'eight'--but it also stand for Office of the Chief Technology Officer and Orange County Transporter Organization...

Issue #2: I do believe that the Octamom moniker should be reserved for those of us who have, yes, eight kids. Not fourteen. Because at last count, she has fourteen. Which protocol would demand that she refer to herself as, say, Quatorze Mama...which I think has a nice continental ring to it...or, say, Catorce Mom for a Spanish flair...or Vierzehn Mutter as a nod to the Germanic languages. But, hey, apparently her fertility doc didn't think about the other six kids at home either, so I suppose the media's lack of appropriate mommy naming is to be expected.

Well, now that I've got that off my still-lactating chest, I suppose I should take this opportunity to congratulate our winner of the Homeschool Boutique Giveaway. I actually got high-tech this time and went to www.random.org to get the number of our winner....and that would be Gardenmama at Sunshine Through the Windows. So Megan, drop me a line and let's get you in touch with Tracy so you can claim your prize!

Don't forget to head over and enter the giveaway on my product review blog, Octamom Reviews as that giveaway will be winding up soon!

And for those of you who have tried to head to Picnik.com from my Wednesday post, you no doubt have discovered that I am challenged when it comes to spelling misspelled words correctly...did you follow that? So here's the corrected link http://www.picnik.com

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