Julie Lyles Carr: The Other Twins

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Other Twins


We actually do have another set of twins. Canine variety.

That picture above is George. He's one half of the twin dog set we adopted before I realized I was pregnant with twins. Human variety.

George is not the alpha dog. And he knows it.


This is his twin sister Katie.


Katie is the alpha dog. And she definitely knows it.


Katie and George are the product of an illicit love affair between a hot little long-hair dachshund named Baby and the handsome Pomeranian she met named Cody. They dated, they dreamed. They shared some spaghetti--oh, wait, that was another dog couple...

Well, anyway, somewhere along the line, and I'm just guessing here, but it's assumed that Baby went into heat and Cody just acted like a hound dog. Even though he was a Pomeranian.

And Katie and George were the outcome of their passion. Along with three more litter mates. Which I guess should have made Baby the Pentamom.

We call them Pomaweennies.


This unique genetic blend yields a breed in which you get half the brains with twice the bark.

But we like 'em anyway.


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