Julie Lyles Carr: Roughin' It...The Urban Edition

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roughin' It...The Urban Edition


So how best to honor Presidents' Day and a rare opportunity for the Daddy Person to not need to leave the house pre-dawn on a Monday morning?

Why, a camping trip, of course.

But I have an admission to make. Even though my father made sure that I knew how to camp in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada, in the high deserts, in all kinds of climes, even though my mother was willing to haul kids, kitchen ware, sleeping bags and soot, I have not been faithful in educating my kids in all things camping.

People, I'm tired. And I can barely keep this crew fairly clean and fed with all the modern conveniences.

And thankfully, we've been living in areas with easy access to gorgeous national parks and preserves, all available within a few miles of home sweet home. So my guilt is somewhat assuaged by scenes like this...


Welcome to Camp Octamom...okay, it's actually Camp OctaDad. In the backyard. During the only rainstorm we've had in many a moon.


3 of 8, 5 of 8 and 6 of 8 joined their daddy in a bit of backyardin' it...

5 of 8 preferred having his own tent suite...


I love that he chose to take a box of books with him as his necessary survival items...


Did I mention that it was cold?


Gotta love that handy soccer goal and trampoline providing the important natural elements to pitching the pup tent...


They huddled and cuddled and shivered through the night, listening to the rain and the soft roar of the garbage trucks making their early morning rounds. I brought them some hot breakfast burritos a little while after day break, stopping to admire the raindrops on the tent surfaces...


6 of 8 was a bit demoralized that camping, in its simplest form, means that you sleep outside. No evening gown competition, no chocolate. It's a little hard for her to fathom the appeal. 4 of 8 flatly refused to participate in the urban camping festivities, declaring, "I'm not a 'sleeping outside' kind of person."

But for 3 of 8, 5 of 8 and OctaDad, it was a roughin' it success.


A soggy, chilly, sleep-depriving event, to be sure. But still a victory of man over the elements...

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