Julie Lyles Carr: Shoe Hound

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shoe Hound


Fashion sense is genetic.

And these are the pictures to prove it.

Because before I had the honor of de-programming this child's father from his Miami Vice fashion cult, this kid's daddy thought there was nothing more boss than short OP shorts, long pastel colored jackets with bright t-shirts and tucked-in sweaters. With a belt. And he wore a white top hat to his prom.

Yes, we are the teenagers of the '80's.

So I'm actually not surprised that 8 of 8 is exhibiting some unique fashion sense. And the kid is totally shoe obsessed.

Hence this unique combo...


He thinks his Tigger tie-dye crocs with the dino feetie jammies are the bomb...


He'll wear this look all day...


Kind of like tucking in your sweater into your jeans and wearing a belt, wouldn't you say?

It's the fashion genome, people.

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