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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tell Me a Story

Ain't BlogWorld a grand place?
I love hanging out with y'all here. And there are moments of sheer serendipity.

I won a giveaway over at Rachael's at Little Bites of Heaven. She graciously sent me these, a deck of story starter cards called Tell Me a Story...


...which have turned out to be a perfect therapy tool for 4 of 8. 4 of 8 has done a fantastic job in the development of the breadth of her vocabulary. She has worked really hard on her conversation skills and is reading beyond her grade level.

But crafting creative stories and narratives is tough for her. She is naturally a concrete thinker and the method of building her language, teaching labels and appropriate usage and corrected grammar, has made her a bit shy in storytelling and sequencing.

And that's where Rachael's sweet gift has been so handy...


This deck has several colorful cards that include a variety of characters, settings, and action cards. AVT Coach and I have been working with 4 of 8 on the natural sequencing and development of stories, with an understanding of the characters, the plot line, the problem and the resolution. I've been able to incorporate the Tell Me a Story cards into the descriptors and character development we've been working on.


There are pictures of princesses, elves, wolves and bandits...


...frogs, trellises and bags of gold...


...so how she ended up parlaying all that into a story about a waitress knocking off grumpy customers with a shovel from the hardware story is beyond me.

But it was a well-constructed story.

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