Julie Lyles Carr: Betcha Can't Guess....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Betcha Can't Guess....

Can you guess what these are?

They're not cheap.

They're very useful.


They're ear molds, the little bits of colorful silicon that carry the sound picked up by 4 of 8's hearing aids, conducting that sound into her ear canals.


They run about a hundred dollars a pair, are not covered by insurance (neither are hearing aids) and have to be frequently replaced as the child's ear outgrows them. 4 of 8 has always been a bit of a fashion pioneer when it comes to her hearing aid gear. She loves to mix it up, going for bright and odd colors, having them throw in some glitter and some tie-dye effect for good measure.


And when I gather up a few pair from our outgrown ear mold archive and scatter them across the canvas, I'm struck with how cheerful they look, how they have a certain artistic aethestic.


Ear Mold Art, I'm calling it.

You saw it here first...

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