Julie Lyles Carr: More Deep Thoughts From 6 of 8

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Deep Thoughts From 6 of 8


For those of you familiar with the deep thoughts of 6 of 8, you are in for another doozy. For those of you new to the Octamom site, you should know that 6 of 8 is our 5 year girl who is possibly the only sixth child of eight children I know who somehow still seems to operate as though she were an only child surrounded by nine people (including her parents) who play her constant audience and staff. (You can read more on her inspiring one-liners here, here, here, and here.)

So as I'm rushing trying to get dinner on the table last night, 6 of 8 stopped me in my tracks with this one:

"Mom, do you know what my favorite words are? They are YES, NEW, THANK YOU...and, um....oh, PLEASE..."

I think that explains so much, don't you...

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