Julie Lyles Carr: PaPa Parallel

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PaPa Parallel


From the moment he was born, we knew 8 of 8 looked uncannily like his PaPa.

And with each passing stage of development we see it more and more.

Of course, the grandparents, aunts, uncles and I love to play this game, the game of "Who Do the Children Look Like?" M just shakes his head at us as we discuss all the angles. He often states, "They each look like themselves. What's with all the analysis?"

What can I say? We're Southerners. (That's a great excuse for a lot of compulsive behavior...)

But even M had to admit that the genetic apples were not falling to far afield on this one...

PaPa, circa 1939...and 8 of 8, circa 2009.  
papa baby
papaedit twinkiebw1

papaedit 8 of 8

And, of course, it was a great excuse to hold a little impromptu photo shoot. I wanted 8 of 8 to emulate the rather serious expression of his PaPa's photo...so he immediately started cheesing it for the camera...


As in, super cheeseball...

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