Julie Lyles Carr: Photographic Memory

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photographic Memory


Some cute little shoes got left at my house after my weekend company hit the road. I put these pint-size sneakers on my dining table to ship back to my buddy but kept glancing at them as I went about my day.

And then I decided that I just had to have a picture of them.

I can't imagine what my poor neighbors think, seeing me laid out on the front yard with camera in hand, passionately taking pictures of plaid Converses.

But then I guess they're getting used to it.

There was just something about these small shods that I wanted to capture, a memory of my friend's child, not just his little face and smile, but the little shoes that are taking him everywhere right now.

And I began to think about all the little items and accessories that have been part of the mosaic of my children's worlds, the things I haven't necessarily recorded for the photographic record but have been such a part of the memories of the kids' various stages and seasons.

The little blue rubber boots that 5 of 8 wore everywhere, even when they developed splits at the soles and carried the unique scent of sweaty four-year-old boy.

The pink beaded slippers that 6 of 8 wore to a friend's wedding which were then dubbed "My Wedding Shoes." Eight months later, they were still her very favorites, scuffed, dirty and too small.

The technicolor knitted cap that adorned 1 of 8's head for several months when she decided it was the height of fashion.

2 of 8's first pair of toe shoes.

So you may find me in the front yard over the next few days, taking pictures of shoes that are in too bad condition to donate to Goodwill and too well loved to ever giveaway. You may see me taking photos of a knitted hat that has seen better days.

And you may see my neighbors peeking out of their windows trying to figure out what in the heck I'm up to now.

But can I just encourage you to pull out those lovies, blankies, slippers and shoes that have been the adored accessories of your children's childhoods? Can I just ask you to take a couple shots, to put to memory card a little photographic tip of the hat for the items that have meant so much to your baby, your toddler, your little one?

And could you do me one more favor?

Would you mind taking those photos out on your front lawn, laying on your belly and sending your lower back into cramps? It would just help me to know I'm not the only one.


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