Julie Lyles Carr: Seventy...Yep, Seventy...and the Giveaway Winner!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Seventy...Yep, Seventy...and the Giveaway Winner!


See this beautiful lady? She's my precious mother-in-law.


And she turned 70 this week.


Yep. As in Seven-Oh.


M thinks seventy year old women are beautiful. Well, duh. If you look like this...


I'd love to tell you some amazing beauty secret she has. But it's not anything you can smear on your face...


From what I can tell, it's all about what she has filled her heart with...


...and allowed to shine out through her smile...


She's 70. And, boy, does she make 70 look good.

And now for a random segue...
KT? Honey, you there? KT? Hey, girl, you entered the Creative Memories Giveaway and random.org chose your entry! KT, Honey, I would put your blog address and everything up, but you're doing the 'invite only' kind of blog, so I can't get on there to tell you about your win. So be sure and email me at octamom@octamom.com so we can get your prize to you!

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