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Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Know How When....

whitestone 001edit3
You know how when you get ready to donate an old computer keyboard and when you pick it up, your diamond solitaire that's been missing and you didn't tell you husband about its misplacement, that diamond solitaire, well, you know how it falls out of the tray underneath the computer keyboard?

And you know how when you are going through some old magazines and a check from your birthday falls out from among the pages?

And you know how when all your power tools, included your power drill which was your favorite present from your husband ever, you know how you're getting ready to throw away that old box in the garage and then you hear a little metallic clang and then you realize your power tools are buried in the bottom of that box?

All those things have happened to you too?!? That makes me feel so much better!

These pictures are kind of like that.

I found one of my favorite old purses when I was going through some last boxes from our most recent move and these picture were inside. They are from the Spring of 2005. We had zipped back to Oklahoma and were able to attend a fund raiser where Heather Whitestone McCallum, Miss America 1995, was speaking. She had recently received her cochlear implants and 4 of 8 was SO thrilled to get to meet her and to wear the Miss America crown.

whitestone2 001edit

She was such a delight to meet and such an inspiration to 4 of 8. I'm so thrilled to have come across these pictures.

whitestone3 001edit

Plus, I'm thinking I'm working that blonder hair...maybe I need to chat with some Aunt L'Oreal this weekend...

If you don't remember Miss America 1995, I'm linking the youtube video of her incredible ballet and winning moment. She is our only Miss America who is hearing impaired and her story continues to make this mama to a kid with those issues a little weepy and proud...

the link to the dance
(apparently the embed code was removed by request)

...and Miss America 1995 is...

Now I wonder what other treasures I might find secreted in the nooks and crannies of the house....

(post edit note--that microphone and black box I'm wearing in the photos are elements of 4 of 8's FM system. The FM system would make my voice 25dBs louder in her hearing aids and really helped us get better diction into her speech. However, I did go around having to explain that I wasn't trying to be Madonna on tour...sixkahlas remembers those days!)

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