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Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 of 8 Discovers Truth in Advertising...

On our recent trip to 2 of 8's Cecchetti ballet intensive, I brought along the twins and 6 of 8.

6 of 8 said that I had brought all the fun kids with me.

I had promised 6 of 8 that she and I would get to do something fun while 2 of 8 was dancing for two days. 6 of 8 immediately responded that she wanted to go to that national sandwich shop, Subway. She was extremely enthusiastic.

Well, ah, alright.

On that Saturday, we headed up to the university campus to take 2 of 8 and one of her dancing buddies to lunch. 6 of 8 was all prepared to go to Subway, but was crushed when 2 of 8 and her friend opted for a little iHop.

There were tears on 6 of 8's part. Many tears.

Um, okay.

I promised her that on Sunday, I would make sure she got to go to Subway. She said, "It's just that I've never been to Subway and I've wanted to go there my whole life."

I reassured her that she had been to Subway in her life, many times in fact. She assured me that she was quite sure she had never been to Subway.


The next day dawned bright with promise that, indeed, we would make our way to Subway, apparently the promised land of all restaurants. 6 of 8 decided her job was to remind me every 15 minutes that we needed to go to Subway, that she had never been to Subway, that she was looking so forward to going to Subway, that this was in fact the most exciting day...ever.


After much begging and reminding and chatting about it, we finally pulled into the parking lot of a Subway, 6 of 8 skipping and singing up to the door.

And then we went in.

"Wait a minute," drawled 6 of 8. "I have been to a Subway before."

Ah, yes, I know, Dear.

I pulled her up to the counter where I proceeded to ask her what she wanted. She was a little surprised that the menu was...sandwiches. But this kid was gonna eat a Subway sandwich, seeing as how she had talked about it for 3 days.

We got settled at our table and I began chatting with my friend who had come along for the adventure. As she and I talked, I heard 6 of 8 mutter something under her breath.

"What did you say?" I queried.

"I said Subway isn't famous. It isn't famous at all. This isn't like a party at all. On the commercials, there are all these people and everyone is smiling and having fun and they all get to Eat Fresh! I mean, look at this, mom! There's like, what, two people here? Subway is not famous at all, not at all. We should have gone to IKEA. At least IKEA is famous."

I gather that 6 of 8 was under the impression that Subway was hosting glamorous cocktail parties to which the popular and well-dressed showed up, certainly signifying that she too needed to be in on the social action. May I just say the the location we attended in the strip mall fell far below her expectations.

But hope springs eternal.

She's now scoping out other locations of Subway. She's always sure to tell me when she spots one that boasts a full parking lot.

Because surely, somewhere, there's that one Subway that has all the pretty people...

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