Julie Lyles Carr: Easter Portraits v1.0

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Portraits v1.0

Early '08 143

I've always been pretty good about taking some cute Easter pictures of the kids each year, faces scrubbed, outfits ironed, shoes matching. (1 of 8 was in California on Easter of '08, visiting the Amazing Nick, hence her absence in this portrait. 2 of 8 must have had grit in her contacts, hence the squint...except she doesn't wear contacts...)
I even have evidence.

See this montage from last Easter Sunday '08?


Early '08 148

Early '08 156


This year? Ah, not so much.

I seemed to have fallen off my photog mojo. I didn't get many 'before-church' pictures...except of this lovely job of buttoning by 5 of 8...



I didn't even manage to get the button photos in focus...

Most of the pics were after lunch, faces and clothes smeared with chocolate, butter and viscous fluids from allergenic noses...

easter portrait1

This shirt did start out crisp and white...until 8 of 8 had been wearing it for three and half minutes.


All time estimates are approximate...

And where are the pictures of the egg hunts and the meal and the candy and the baskets?


Ah, um...I got nothin'...


But I'm going to make good. You'll see. I'm going to hold some mock Easter photos. I'll get all the outfits clean again. Heck, I may even throw a fake egg hunt. I'll make it up to you. I will.

Maybe even before next Easter...

Stay tuned...

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