Julie Lyles Carr: Get Used To It, Buddy...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Get Used To It, Buddy...

I asked 5 of 8 to tell 6 of 8 I needed her to come speak with me back in my bedroom. He complied and ambled out to the kitchen table where she was sitting.
5&6"6," he said, standing right next to her.

No response from my little diva coloring quietly at the table.

"6," he said, a little more strongly.

No response.


He was now starting to get very frustrated.

"6!!!!!!!!!" He was now shouting.

6 of 8 finally slid her eyes over to him, rolled those baby blues and uttered the exasperated words that proclaim she is utterly female:

"I'm saying 'What?' in my mind...."

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