Julie Lyles Carr: Hands a Half Century

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hands a Half Century

It's one of my favorite set of photographs I've ever taken.

And I've taken a lot of photographs.

A precious friend of mine graciously extended an invitation to me to take pictures at her parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

I was so honored.

To be a part of the commemoration of a half century of commitment, love, laughs, tears and experiences.


And this couple has an amazing story.

They have parented nine children, raising them in the Far East.

Their third child made her way to America at the end of seventies.

Her siblings filtered into the country through the years.

And then in the 1990's, this precious couple followed their children to live their American dream.

These are hands that have weathered many adventures in life.

These are hands that hold memories.

These are hands that carry a story.

These are hands that have cradled babies, have released a life across the sea and have gripped this country as home.

And clasped between these hands is a life shared, a journey conjoined, a heart combined.

And I am inspired.


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